“Due to unforeseen circumstances our opening hours will be different for the next couple of weeks. We will be closing at 5pm every day instead of 6pm and the following will also apply -

Wed 21st open from 1 pm onwards.

If you urgently need to see us outside of that time please ring or text 0419946275 and we will make an appointment with you.”

 Molinjor Price List

Remember, archery is a precision sport and if you want to achieve your best you need equipment that is matched to you personally. Choose where you purchase before you choose what you buy.

If you are seeking peak performance from your compound bow, Archery Equipment WA has the facilities and the expertise to tune your bow and match arrows to the level of precision that ensures all elements are perfectly matched.  Ask about our blueprinting service.


In 2018 Archery Equipment WA will once again be carrying Hoyt, Mathews and Bowtech compounds. Mathews and Bowtech are already in stock and 2018 Hoyt arriving soon.


Apa Logo"Archery Equipment WA is proud to announce that we are now the Australian distributor for APA Archery.

APA Bows have gained international acclaim as they incorporate smooth draw cycle, virtually zero hand shock, accuracy and shootability. APA has ensured its bows are engineered to be user friendly and easy to maintain. Archery Equipment WA looks forward to assisting and supporting our customers to experience the best with APA bows and equipment.”

APA Archery – "We are not the same"


We are also proud to support the charity "WA Disabled Sports Association"