Why Choose Molinjor For Your Archery Needs?

The Molinjor Longbow Company, also called Archery Equipment WA, is your archery equipment expert in WA.

We stock everything to support your Traditional, Compound or Recurve shooting!

We carry a wide range of bows and an extensive stock of arrow shafts and limbs to suit all poundages.

We have accredited Archery WA coaches and a National Judge on staff and can help you to become comfortable with your equipment if you are a new archer, or if you are already an experienced archer to track down and iron out those little problems that are sometimes hard to pin down.

Our shop is located just off Collier Road, near the Railway Museum at Unit 1 / 4 McDonald Crescent, Bassendean.

“Let our depth of experience expand your level of ability.”

Test your equipment

Archery Equipment WA has an indoor test range to assist customers at our discretion. If you are a new archer purchasing your first bow, we can assist you to start your archery journey by spending some time with you on our test range, when you make that purchase.

Our premises include paper tuning facilities which we use to ensure your equipment is correctly set up. We can teach you some basic technique on our range if your purchase is your first introduction to the sport, to make sure you feel comfortable with the equipment you have selected.

For the more experienced archer we have the facilities for you to try out your bow once you confirm your selection. You will need to pre arrange an appointment with us but we try to accommodate you wherever possible.

We carry a wide selection of brands and models but cannot guarantee to have every model available. Let us know which bow you are seeking and we will advise whether we have it in stock or can source it.

We can also assist experienced archers with fine tuning, utilising our arrow selection and speed testing equipment if you book a session. Fee available on application.


Great service during and after purchase

Bows purchased through us receive full after sales service and warranty and we are available to assist you in setting up and tuning the bow at the point of purchase. Bow Tuning, coaching, repairs and servicing to all bows is available at Archery Equipment WA.

We offer high quality, friendly service, expert advice and care and attention to detail. We cater for the novice and experienced archer alike. We’ll explain to you how the details of your bow should be matched to your size, strength and level of ability and why your arrows and accessories should be chosen to be compatible with the bow you have selected. We’ll measure you to get the right gear to suit.

Come in and have a chat with us about what you want to achieve from your archery and our knowledgeable and qualified expert staff will help you to find the right combination of gear.


Equipment matched to the archer

Archery is not a “one size fits all” sport. Don’t just buy a bow and accessories from someone who doesn’t know how to match you to the correct equipment, you will only be disappointed with the result. Remember archery is a precision sport and if you want to achieve your best you need equipment that is matched to you personally. Archery is not a “one size fits all” sport. Choose where you purchase before you choose what you buy.


A word to the wise about online purchases

An internet deal may look less expensive than elsewhere but for any bow offered on line check
(i) that it is actually in stock and if not how long the waiting period is and
(ii) that it has all the associated equipment you require, such as arrows, sights etc and if not what extra costs might be involved to get those.

Equipment + service + support = satisfaction

Equipment – service – support = frustration

Think carefully before you make an internet purchase.  The initial cost may seem attractive, but  what you don’t get from the internet is Service, Experience and Depth of Knowledge. You are also unlikely to get any warranty on items purchased from the Internet. Check the brand websites for the truth of this. Your internet purchase may even arrive requiring assembly and if you do this incorrectly and the bow is damaged as a result, you have no protection You will gain more practical information from talking to us, than in many hours of scanning the Internet. Don’t guess – talk to us – we can give you the facts and honest practical advice.


Quick Turnaround

Don’t be misled into thinking that you have to order and wait weeks to get suitable equipment.  We have a fully equipped and fully stocked shop where you can look at and handle, different brands and types of bows and all associated equipment.  In the unusual event that we don’t have the right combination of equipment for your needs we can quickly source and acquire it for you.

We stock all the components you need to make arrows, or we can make them for you in only a few days. We also stock some pre -made arrows in common sizes.


Quality Repairs

“If you have something that needs repair, bring it in.  We have all the correct equipment and training to make those repairs safely and correctly.”



“We pride ourselves on having the wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get the right equipment for your specific needs.”