Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have had to say about our products, service and advice.

“I’ve been shooting my Molinjor “Eyre” Recurve bow for several months now and I’m still impressed by its build-quality and sheer good-looks. There are some elegant custom-design touches that set the Eyre apart from factory made bows and it is a pleasure to string-up and shoot, smooth and fast. It even sounds good.

From the first time I spoke with Chris on the phone, I was struck by his commitment to his craft and his customers. His friendly and expert advice reassured me I had made the right choice by contacting Molinjor. After only a couple of quick (and informative) conversations I was confident that I would end up with a bow perfectly matched to my needs and I certainly did.

‘Completely satisfied’ doesn’t really capture my feelings about owning my Molinjor custom bow.. Thrilled would be more like it. I’m proud to support such a skilled, passionate and importantly, Australian bowyer. And in return I’ve received a level of personal service that no factory bow manufacturer could ever hope to match.”


Lee Madden

Just a short note to say thank you from both of us!! :-)
We are fairly new to the sport of Archery and since making our first enquiry, we have received a lot of conflicting advice and information.
After our first visit to your shop/workshop we both felt that we finally came across someone who knew what they were talking about Someone who gave us information honestly and pertaining to us personally. This put our minds at ease that we were in fact on the right track!!
Your vast knowledge of the sport is an inspiration and knowing that we now buy the proper equipment for our individual needs, takes the uncertainty out of shopping for Archery supplies.
Thankyou for always being honest. This is what makes us come back again and again, because we feel comfortable asking ‘dumb’ questions, which you always have a knowledgeable answer for.
The right piece of equipment is always on hand. You wont let a customer leave until you as well as he/she are completely satisfied. This is something that NO other Archery supplier do. Not by a long shot, no pun intended!!
Thanx again and all the best

Helette Engel and Gerhard

Dear Chris
Congratulations on making a truly beautiful bow. I received my Molinjor Hunter and its the most beautiful little bow I’ve ever seen. You truly are an outstanding bowyer. I’ve been shooting for 40 years now ( over that) and your bow is just poetry. Came 2nd in the Caboolture 3D shoot and shot a 735 Geelong barebow. I would like you to make me a second bow to use in the State field titles.

Dale Marsh

Hello, I bought a longbow off you some time ago.  Its taken me some time to get a feel for it.  Its great fun to shoot.  Me and my two sons went hunting up north and I was able to take two goats. The bow worked very well. The main thing that was great was the light weight and ease of use in heavy scrub.  Both my sons found their compounds heavy on the long walks, the longbow being half the weight was no problem.  I will not be going back to a compound, stick and string the only way to go!

Brendan Eliot

“Lynda and Chris are a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of Archery and I recommend to all archers to give Molinjor Bows all the support possible, that is surely well deserved.”

Frank Fanali

“Molinjor Longbows are awesome! Out of six bows this is king”

Shane Pound

“Hi Chris,Thanks very much for the bow you set up for me. I am really pleased with it”

Nick Callaghan

“Chris provides an excellent service and nothing is ever too much trouble”


“ Chris was very helpful, the advise given was very valuable and the personal service was great”

Jakob Hawkins

“You helped with the bow set up when the other shops didn’t. Thanks”

Simon Bailey

Brilliant, it was pleasant to go to an archery shop and everything was available. No waiting for stock.
Very well presented, clear and expert advice.

Deborah Mason

“Great service and help would recommend to any archer”

Trevor Greenham

“Above and beyond my expectations – ****** fantastic Chris. Thanks”

David Maxton

“Chris, Just would like to say thank you. For being up front and honest and supplying me with the right equipment.”

Steve Mendes

“Objective and open minded selling, has been fantastic.  Great service”

Jody Dunn

“Awesome and helpful service”

K Brennan